A Referral should be someone you know who you reasonably suspect has the discretionary wherewithal and possible interest to invest a minimum of $25,000 in a trusted, low-risk, high-yielding investment program. [Funds from self-directed IRA/401k and KEOGH plans qualify.] 


  • Identify successful persons among your acquaintances and colleagues; Doctors, Lawyers, Business Executives, CPAs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Investors, or other Professionals within your ‘sphere of influence’ or ‘network of associations’ that would qualify as a referral.


  • Send client referrals via e-mail. Include names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Also, describe the referral’s relationship to you. The only prerequisite is that you allow us to mention your name when we contact your referrals.


Send us referrals and we do all the rest.

 You are amply rewarded for every referral that invests.

It’s that simple!

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