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The Intangible Drilling Cost (IDC) deductions and the depreciation of tangible equipment on a typical oil or natural gas well allow a large income tax deduction of the investment in the first year (usually 65% to 80%). The first-year tax deductions for a $100,000 capital expenditure for drilling oil and natural gas wells can be approximated as follows:

Intangible Costs  
 Capital Contribution  $100,000
  Intangible Drilling Costs  x 65%
 Intangible Expenses Deduction  $65,000
 Tangible Costs  
 Capital Contribution  $100,000
 Tangible Equipment Costs     x 35%
 Intangible Expenses Deduction    $35,000
 Depreciated over 7 years        ÷ 7
 First year Tangible Depreciation Deduction  $5,000
 First year reduction in Taxable Income    $70,000

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